The Chameleon Effect

Currently being rewrote: Please excuse any typos….


The basis for my design theory is simple, to be a great designer you have to be a great Chameleon.

If you don’t know who you are designing for or what the company/client is truly about you are not only wasting your time, but the clients time.

The Chameleon Effect refers to being able to blend your entire  to live, eat, and breathe the company in which is your client. You must change to your surroundings if you want to survive. To complete this one must:

• Get to know the clients
• Find out what their company goals are
• Visit the company, intake the overall feeling
That is the only way one can truly design an brand, a piece of the company soul so to speak that fits that company.

When you can complete a morphous from client/designer relationship to a friend/friend relationship on a per client bases the quality of product will not only be of better, but you know it will fit the clients needs and expectations. This not only saves your time, but their money, and you have a client for life.